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Pretty Maids: il box set “A Blast From The Past” in uscita il 22 Febbraio 2019

A Blast From The Past” è il titolo del nuovo box set dei danesi Pretty Maids che faranno uscire per i loro fan il prossimo 22 febbraio. La release verrà pubblicata tramite Frontiers Music Srl con materiale ristampato che consterà di ben 12 CD + 8 LP tra cui “Scream“, “Wake Up To The Real World“, “Motherland“, “Pandemonium“, “Planet Panic“, “Carpe Diem“, “Spooked” e “Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing“. Un trailer di presentazione della release è disponibile online.

Guarda qui il trailer di “A Blast From The Past

Di seguito il commento della band:

“Gli anni ’90 e l’inizio del nuovo millennio sono stati dei periodi difficili per l’hard rock e l’heavy metal tradizionale. Molti nuovi sotto-generi dominavano il mondo del rock, la scena mutava costantemente e nuovi trend nascevano per poi scomparire e lasciando l’hard rock melodico un po’ alla deriva. Ma, nonostante tutto, il genere era ancora lì, lo è ancora e lo sarà sempre grazie ai supporter più leali e fedeli che si possano nel music business. I Pretty Maids sono sempre stati molto orgogliosi di dare vita alla miglior musica possibile che potevamo realizzare in qualunque periodo storico, fregandocene dei trend. Ed è con grande piacere che presto pubblicheremo questi album ristampati”.

Questa è la tracklist di “A Blast From The Past”:

1. Scream

This Love
Walk Away
No Messiah
In A World Of Your Own
Don’t Turn Your Sex On Me
Adrenaline Junkie
Anytime Anywhere

2. Spooked

Resurrection (Intro)
Dead Or Alive
Die With Your Dreams
Fly Me Out
Live Until It Hurts
If It Can’t Be Love
Never Too Late
Your Mind Is Where The Money Is
Hard Luck Woman
The One That Should Not Be
Where The Blood Runs Deep (*)
Crazy Horses (*)
A Love And A Fiction (*)

(*) Bonus Tracks

3. Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing

Snakes In Eden
Destination Paradise
Hell On High Heels
When The Angels Cry
Back Off
Only In America
With These Eyes
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
Scent Of My Prey
Face Me

4. Carpe Diem

Violent Tribe
Carpe Diem
Tortured Spirit
Wouldn’t Miss You
Poisoned Pleasures
Until It Dies
The Unwritten Pages
VFor Once In Your Life
They’re All Alike
Time Awaits For No One
Invisible Chains

5. Planet Panic

Virtual Brutality
Playing God
He Who Never Lived
Face Of My Enemy
Not What You Think
Natural High
Who’s Gonna Change
One Way To Rock
Enter Forevermore

6. Wake Up to the Real World

Wake Up To The Real World
All In The Name Of Love
I Am The End
As Guilty As You
Why Die For A Lie
Such A Rush
Where True Beauty Lies
Brave Young New Breed
Terminal Violence
Perfect Strangers
Another Shot Of Your Love

7. Pandemonium

Little Drops Of Heaven
One World One Truth
Final Day Of Innocence
Cielo Drive
It Comes At Night
VOld Enough To Know
Beautiful Madness
Ka-Ching (*)
It Comes At Night (Remix)*

(*) Bonus Tracks

8. Motherland

Mother Of All Lies
To Fool A Nation
The Iceman
Sad To See You Suffer
Why So Serious
I See Ghosts
Bullet For You
Who What Where When Why
Mother Of All Lies (Remix) (*)

(*) Bonus Track

9. Louder Than Ever

Playing God
Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
My Soul To Take
He Who Never Lived
Virtual Brutality
Tortured Spirit
With These Eyes
Nuclear Boomerang
Snakes In Eden
Wake Up To The Real World
A Heart Without A Home
Deranged (Extended Version) (*)

(*) Bonus Track

10. Kingmaker

When God Took A Day Off
Face The World
Humanize Me
Last Beauty On Earth
Bull’s Eye
King Of The Right Here And Now
Heavens Little Devil
Civilized Monsters
Was That What You Wanted (Look What You’ve Got)
Kingmaker (Extended Version)
Humanize Me (Extended Version) (*)

(*) Bonus Track

11. Screamin’ Live

Psycho-Time-Bomb Planet-Earth
Rock The House
Walk Away
Yellow Rain
Savage Heart
No Messiah
Please Don’t Leave Me
Future World
Back To Back
Red Hot And Heavy

12. Alive At Least

Destination Paradise
Tortured Spirit
Wouldn’t Miss You
Nightmare In The Neighborhood
Natural High
Virtual Brutality
Queen Of Dreams
Cold Killer
Playing God
Snakes In Eden
Shelly The Maid
Live Until It Hurts
Future World
Red Hot And Heavy

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