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Corners of Sanctuary release “Tomorrow Never Comes” music video

Rome, may 20 – Corners of Sanctuary (COS) has announced the official release of their latest music video “Tomorrow Never Comes“. The song appears on their current album, “Metal Machine“, released via Metalizer Records from Germany. The new video is the third installment in the album’s film campaign following last December’s “Left Scarred” and March’s “Wrecking Ball” releases.

Watch “Tomorrow Never Comes” video here:

As guitarist Mick Michaels stated:

It has been such a positive experience for us, as a unit and as individuals, to work in a medium that visually creates a new interpretation and perspective to the music. Videos like these offer an artist yet another outlet to present their craft to a wider audience while at the same time elevating the creative prospects for future endeavorr.

Tomorrow Never Comes“, as with the two previous videos, was produced and directed by Philadelphia-area Indie film-maker Zen Say who stated:

Tomorrow Never Comes” centers on the entire group this time around. The previous films focused primarily on Frankie, at the request of the band, as a way to highlight his role as the front person.

Corners of Sanctuary is currently supporting “Metal Machine” with the Wrecking Ball Tour including a Midwest US excursion in May, along with performing as part of this summer’s Metal Eternal Fest Tour followed by a US West Coast string of shows in the fall.

Corners of Sanctuary next shows:
May 28 – Metal Eternal Fest Tour – The Nail – Ardmore, Pennsylvania
June 14 – Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (With Act of Defiance)
June 21 – The Fire – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (with Tyrant)
July 23rd – Metal Eternal Fest Tour – The Depot – Baltimore, Maryland
July 30th – OpiumFest – The Bar – New Bedford, Maryland
Aug 6th – Metal Eternal Fest Tour – The Oddity Bar, Wilmington, Delaware
Aug 20th – The New Penny – Scranton, PA (with Beyond Fallen)
Sept 9th – Cherry Street Station Wallingford, Connecticut (with Shallow Ground)

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