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Cvinger reveal cover, title e tracklist of “Embodied in Incense”

Rome, february 22 – Cvinger have recently finished to record their upcoming album called “Embodied in Incense“. The album will be released in the spring of 2016 through Art Gates Records.

The artwork has been designed by Paolo Girardi and represents The last step on the journey of departing from, fear, hate, love, humanity, conscience and all the emotions that misguide us with subjectivity and temptations witch are our worst enemy and a gateway to self destruction. The dissection of our weak body, for our soul to become free of the human curse and to become the supreme being, to become God.

Let’s take a look to “Embodied in Incense” tracklist:

I. Chapter 1: Conjuration Of The Dead God
II. Psalm, Of A Hollow Man
III. Beheading The Desert Prophet
IV.Enchanted Conclave
V. Weak To The Gallows
VI.Chapter 2: Eye Carved Upon The Serpents Stone
VII.Martyr Shrine
VIII.Infinity Of The Black Flame
IX.Embodied In Incense
X. Chapter 3: Amen III

The band will present the album in China in a long tour entitled “Black Flames Over China Tour 2016” – here the dates:

3.18 Huhehaote呼市/Who Hot Livehouse
3.19 Beijing北京/MAO Livehouse
3.20 Wuchang武昌/VOX Livehouse
3.21 Guangan广安/小酒馆Little Bar
3.22 Chongqing重庆/坚果Nuts Livehouse
3.24 Guangzhou广州/乐府Yuefu
3.25 Dongguan东莞/So what Livehouse
3.26 Shenzhen深圳/红糖罐Hongtanguan
3.27 Zhaoqing肇庆/雷Ray Livehouse
3.28 Maoming茂名/MMO
3.30 Changsha长沙/46 Livehouse
3.31 Zhengzhou郑州/7 Livehouse
4.01 Luoyang洛阳/喜堂Xitang
4.02 Baoding保定/暗香咖啡Anxiang Cafe
4.03 Huairou怀柔/大槐树Pagoda Tree Bar
4.04 Beijing北京/United Fest

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