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Diminished Man reveal new album “Vision In Crime” details

Rome, december 5 – Diminished Men bring news of their third LP named “Vision In Crime“. The latest work is a feature length escapade that sidewinds through jazz and soundtrack territories, as well as the outer reaches of the experimental satellite genres, retaining the unmistakeable character of the band so far, while also evoking a premonition more sinister than ever before.

The opening cut, “Chamber” – an apparition of a forensics crime scene investigation – sets the tone, but this quickly spirals into Steve Schmitt’s cobra-twilight guitar work on the Aegean Sea inspired espionage surf track “Oistros Dolorous” (listen below). From here the band’s mutant lounge carnage weaves through sinister cityscapes, plazas and kudzu infested forests on the avant spy jazz of “Kudzu Mine“. Elements of lost island noir, hallucinatory Gamelan rock, and phantom radio dispatches can be found here. By the time that mickey sets in, the title track “Vision In Crime“, a haunting ballad, closes out the album.
Release date is set for 26/02/15!

Listent to “Vision In Crime”

“Vision In Crime” track listing:

1. Chamber
2. Oistros Dolorous
3. CRM Discriminator
4. Kudzu Mine
5. Preparedness Actions
6. Shadow Petram
7. Castrum Doloris
8. Kudzu Takeover
9. Ramona Four Hour
10. The Eye That Never Sleeps
11. Vision In Crime

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