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Embloodyment release “Of Beasts and Men” new video

Rome, july 14 – Death metal band, Embloodyment , release new video for “Of Beasts and Men“. It represents a new clues of its next studio album , “The One Before The Last“, which will come out in next few days .
Of Beasts And Men” features another track from the album.

The video has been fully produced by the band itself, including the idea, script, make-up and props and filming.

It’s a video where they want to represent what would probably happen if the animals, after all the abuse suffered by the men, beat against the humans.

Embloodyment tells this story in the purest style z-series and accompanied by their own pets.

The video was presented exclusively at a solidary event that was organized for the animal house Perrikus, given its relationship with the cause leaning: abandoned and mistreated animals and the welcome from people who had the privilege to anticipate its official launch was very positive.

Watch “Of Beasts and Men” video here:

Embloodyment on Facebook > link

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