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Forever Still: “Awake the Fire” and UK-tour

The band Forever Still is about to release the first single from the 2nd EP, second of three, which will become a full length, concept album later this year. This new single is called “Awake the Fire”.  That’s the message from the band to promote their upcoming tour:

[blockquote]UK TOUR – THE OPEN WOUND

I freaking hope you’re as excited as we are, since we’re coming to the UK for the very first time!! The Open Wound Tour hits the UK on MARCH 30TH with support from Sertraline! We hope you’ll do your best helping us spread the word, since there are still lots of people who don’t know we’re coming AND if you’re a member of the street team in the area, we’ll be in touch shortly!

You can find tickets for the events below (as well as on our FACEBOOK PAGE).
And do you know what makes bookers happy and want to book us again? When they sell tickets in advance!! So help us out and get them in advance, if you know you’re gonna show (we hope you are!!).[/blockquote]

You can buy tickets here:

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