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Guitar Force’s “Different Universe” album out now!

A new album “Different Universe” by Polish heavy metal band Guitar Force is out now. Last month the band had an extensive European tour and are now taking a deserved rest. With couple of gigs confirmed in October they are now starting to write their 10th year anniversary album.

“Different Universe” track list:

1. To the End Of The World With Ronin
2. Tribute
3. Punishment
4. Nurt
5. At The Crossroads
6. Magical Power
7. Without Names
8. Forever
9. Another World
10. White Lady

Watch here “Punishment” from “Different Universe”:

Guitar Force Line-up:
Marcelina Bieniarz – vocal, bass guitar
Antonina Rysz – vocal, rhythm guitar
Dorota Kulig – vocal, violin
Marcin Habaj  – solo guitar
Jakub Calka – solo guitar
Ignacy Rudnicki – drums

Listen to the album on Spotify > link

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