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Helion Prime add new lead guitarist Chad Bill Anderson

Rome, may 26 – HELION PRIME announce the addition of lead guitarist Chad Bill Anderson (DISFORIA) from Salt Lake City, Utah as a full time band member.

Chad has been playing live with Helion Prime for the past year and everyone felt the right move was to just bring Chad in full time. Chad will make his recording debut on the band’s second album which the band has already begun the writing process for.

In the words of Chad Bill Anderson:

I’m very excited to be working with such a talented group of musicians and the future is looking very bright indeed!

Helion Prime also recently announced their signing to US metal label DiveBomb Records for the re-release of their debut cd in summer 2016.

The band followed their debut EP, “The Drake Equation“, in 2015. After that Helion Prime‘s lineup eventually solidified with the addition of Jeremy Steinhouse on bass and Axiom’s Justin Herzer behind the kit. Almost precisely one year later, the group returned with a self-titled 10-track full-length. The release came out independently by the band in mid-February of 2016 and already out of print!

Helion Prime are:

Vocals: Heather Michele
Guitars: Jason Ashcraft
Guitars: Chad Bill Anderson
Bass: Jeremy Steinhouse
Drums: Justin Herzer

Helion Prime on Facebook > link

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