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Revealed details of INNFIGHT debut album “Boulevard of Pain”

Rome, August 29 – “Boulevard of Pain”, debut album of german band Innfight, will be released on September 18 via Innfight Music/Cargo Record.

The story of INNFIGHT started at the end of the year 2013 in Mannheim, Germany. Sascha Wagner (guitar) and Michael Heck (keys), who have both been friends for a long time, decided to start writing songs together. The missing lyrical and vocal parts were added when the paths of Sascha and Frank Widderson (vocals) crossed again. After the first songs were created, Joachim Werry (drums) came to INNFIGHT to give the music the special pressure by playing his drums. About a year later they started recording their debut-CD “Boulevard Of Pain” with Rolf Munkes, (Crematory, Tony Martin, Empire), at Empire Studios in the city of Bensheim (a county of Hessen), Germany.

Impulsive rhythms, loaded with energetic guitar riffs, combined with spherical keyboard melodies and the distinctive voice of Frank Widderson (ex-Virus) produce together a modern shaped alternative rock/metal sound with their own style of interpretation.

Here you can see a video teaser with songs snippets out of the new album

Track listing of “Boulevard of Pain”

1. All In
2. Liars Place
3. Till I Fall
4. Memories
5. Heart Like A Stone
6. Breathe
7. Something New
8. Sytem Of Pain
9. Missed By The One
10. Lights & Shadows

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