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Jeff Pilson: Dokken reunited for live shows with classic lineup

Rome, march 7 – Dokken reunited might be a reality. It seems that Dokken‘s classic lineup, featuring bassist Jeff Pilson, vocalist Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch and drummer Mick Brown will be reunited again for a series of live shows.

Dokken reunited: interviewed by journalist Mitch Lafon, Pilson said:

We’re actually working really hard to try and pull something together right now. It has to fall in spaces where there is time off (from my gig with FOREIGNER), so I don’t know for sure whether it’s gonna happen. So let’s just say we’re all friendly now, we’re all past all the decades-old crap, and we all talk and everything’s great. Now it really is just down to scheduling and trying to figure it out. Because, you know, you’ve gotta do it right, if you’re gonna do it. We all feel that way.

I think we’ve all come to a place where we’re very appreciative of the legacy that Dokken has, and we would never wanna just do something for the money and take advantage… ‘Cause we get offered a lot of things quite often, and if we wanted to do it that way, we could. But the fact that we don’t, I think, is a great sign. I think when we do finally do something, we’re gonna try and do it right. Although I don’t know if we’re gonna ever get to do the big sweeping tour that we’ve talked about — mostly because of the Foreigner commitment — but we’re gonna try and do something. So hopefully I’ll have something to report sometime soon.

In a Blabbermouth.net article, regarding what would be the “right way” for a Dokken reunion to happen, Pilson added:

I think, really, to do it right means that when we go out there, we sound good — no matter how many or few shows we do, no matter… new music or old music. I would love to record some new music with Dokken; I would love that. I just don’t know if we can or will. I have a sense that sometime we will, somehow, but we’ll see. Again, it’s just down to quality. Doing it right means doing it with quality. ‘Cause we were always very quality conscious back in the day, and I don’t think any of us wanna let that go now.

We just have to wait for further developments…

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