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Joe Stump: “The Dark Lord Rises” is out now

Rome, october 26 – Joe Stump, the Shredlord, returns with “The Dark Lord Rises” on October 23, 2015 via Lion Music. Fans of maniacal guitar driven releases and amazing displays of power and jaw dropping technical command be prepare.

American Shred Guitar legend JOE STUMP returns with the best album of a career spanning over 20 years. His new record The Dark Lord Rises is home to 11 new tracks full of the guitar abuse Joe’s worldwide legion of fans know and love all delivered in his inimitable style.

Joe Stump has toured the world both as a solo artist and with metal bands Joe Stump’s Reign Of Terror, HolyHell, RavenLord and Exorcism.

The Dark Lord Rises” marks Joe’s 10th solo record and once again the Shredlord has raised his game in every technical aspect while continuing to power up the guitar shred game into uncharted territory.

Take a look at tracklist of “The Dark Lord Rises”

1. Hostile Takeover
2. Stratomaster
3. Out for Blood
4. The Black Knight Returns
5. Tortured Soul
6. The Dark Lord’s Allegro
7. Staring into the Abyss
8. Concerto No. 2 in B Flat Minor
9. Neo-Cl;assical Shredfest No. 4
10. Battle Tested
11. Brothers in Shred (Bonus Track)

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