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KILLUS Reveals New Image

New year, new look for Killus.
After a long period touring in Europe, Killus are back with a new album named “Ultrazombies“, that will be released in Spain on 7th of March and in Europe and Worldwide on the 28th of the same month.
This new album brings also a new look and a renewed image to the spanish metal band. Founded in 1998 by the four members Supersixx (Vocals), Ruk (Guitars & programming), Premutoxx (Bass) and Luar Fixx (Drums) in the spanish city of Vila Real, the band also announce a new partnership with EMP MAILORDER SPAIN, that will sponsor them in their future activities.

KILLUS – “Ultrazombies” Release Dates

Spain: 07/03/2016
Europe & Worldwide: 28/03/2016

As for the tracklisting, some confirmed title tracks are Satanachia and Mr. Jack.
The album has been recorded at Hell’s Studios by Ruk Nebur in Villareal (Spain) and mastered by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema, Noctem, Angelus Apatrida).

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