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Lords Of The Trident release a video for Beyonce cover song “Djiva”

Rome, march 7 – Wisconsin based band Lords Of The Trident have just released a cover video for Beyonce cover song “Djiva“, recorded for their latest covers EP titled “Re:Quests” released in December 2015.

Watch here “Djiva” video:

About “Djiva“, vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein commented:

During the Kickstarter campaign for our last album, “Frostburn“, we offered the fans a pledge level that was “make Lords of the Trident play any song you want!” We received four pledges, and by far the most difficult pledge was a request to cover Beyoncé’s Diva. Since we are a band that loves a challenge, we decided to not only cover the music, but also cover the music video as well!
This is an (almost) shot-for-shot remake of the original Beyoncé music video. We hope you enjoy, or at the very least, are intensely weirded-out from the lengths we will go to for our fans.
Oh, and why “Djiva“, you ask? Because it’s a djent cover of diva. Dj+iva!

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