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New Internal Artist Relations Manager for Corners of Sanctuary

Rome, march 7 – It has been announced a New Internal Artist Relations Manager for Corners of Sanctuary, who will be William “Billy” Loney.

The decision to include Loney is to create a simplistic chain of contact between the band and the professional and fan communities.
As guitarist Mick Michaels commented:

Things are becoming more and more involved and this is a positive step in maintaining and building stronger industry relationships. It’s definitely a much needed position at this point, especially with all that’s happening for the band.

William Loney stated:

I’m pleased and excited to announce my new position with Corners of Sanctuary as their Artist Relations Manager. I’ve worked with the band closely over the years, but now it’s official! Let’s do this, COS n ROLL!!!


New Internal Artist Relations Manager for Corners of Sanctuary – brief bio

Loney can be considered a veteran of Heavy Metal music scene. He began working as a bass player performing throughout the PA circuit with several notable acts during the 1980’s and into the early 90’s. Later he started Keep it Metal Promotions, a free promotional service directed towards bands as a means to assist the local and independent artist. His efforts further developed into the highly rated weekly syndicated internet radio broadcast, the Keep it Metal Show, where independent artists and bands can get a voice musically and verbally. In recent years, Loney has branched out into several different facets of the music industry including: event booking, sound engineering, compilations, videos, management and sponsorships.

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