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Noctem: New video for “The Submission Discipline”

Iberian Extreme Metallers Noctem are about to release their new opus “Haeresis” on September 30th. Yet you can watch the new video of the band for the track “The Submission Discipline” (directed by Ghilherme Enriques).
Want to watch a story about the inquisition tortures, witch hunt and necromancy? Then this is your cup of tea. A few days ago the third and last single of this new album was released.

Watch “The Submission Discipline” here:

“Haeresis” Tracklisting

1. Through The Black Temples of Disaster
2. Auto-Da-Fé
3. The Submission Discipline
4. Blind Devotion
5. The Dark One
6. Haeresis
7. Whispers of the Ancient Gods
8. Conjuring Degradation and Morbidity
9. The Paths of the Lustful Abandon
10. Pactum With the Indomitable Darkness (listen)

Listen to “Through The Black Temples of Disaster”:

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