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Rock Goddess release “It’s more than Rock and Roll” music video

Legendary London trio Rock Goddess have released a music video for “It’s more than Rock and Roll“. The song is the title track of the forthcoming EP, which is set to be released on May 19th, 2017. Digital distribution via Cargo Records and physical EP CDs, with a 4 page booklet in a jewel case by Rock Goddess directly.
The first 500 copies will be signed and numbered.

Whatch “It’s more than Rock and Roll” here:

In the early 1980s, Rock Goddess made a reputation for delivering songs with full frontal riffs, snapping rhythms and snappy melodies. That hasn’t altered. Since the three reunited in 2013, they’ve proven to be an energised, committed live band not reliant on past glories, but hell bent on the pursuit of an even more electrifying future.

Of course, in those formative years, the three went out to establish themselves by taking the best influences and twisting these to suit their talents. Now, though, they have a heritage to live up to. And do it with the confidence, craftsmanship and charisma of a band who know their considerable worth.

The EP “It’s More Than Rock And Roll” is a statement of how committed the three are to their cause. Jody Turner wrote all the songs and also produced them, with Wes Maebe mixing and mastering the record. And the man has previously worked with a fine array of talents, including Roger WatersSir Tim RiceThe Buzzcocks and Beverley Knight. In the studio Rock Goddess have taken their sharply honed instincts, using these to let rip with a clear-sighted, rousing momentum. “It’s More Than Rock And Roll” itself is a mid-paced roaster that has genuine depth, yet a chant-a-long chorus to get everyone on their feet. The lyrics betray the Goddess‘ complete immersion in the passion of this genre.

It’s more than Rock and Roll” Tracklist:

1. It’s More Than Rock And Roll
2. Back Off
3. We’re All Metal

All songs by Jody Turner.
Engineered and recorded by Santiago Morales at Alaska studios, London.
Mixed by Wes Maebe at Sonic Cuisine.
Mastered by Wes Maebe at Sound Discs.
Produced by Jody Turner.
Photograph by Tina Korhonen.
Back Off” sees the band locked into an assaulting groove, one full of a spirit born from that essential, yet so often elusive balance between virtuosity and aggression.

We’re All Metal” not only namechecks iconic artists across metal and rock’s past and present, but is an anthem for all ages. From six to 96, it’ll get everyone pumping out the horn sign!

This is Rock Goddess 2017, still thankfully linked to the way they were in 1983, but taking it on to a fresh level.

Jody says:
[blockquote]It’s been a long time coming, but we got there. We are so proud of this, and of each other. We hope people enjoy it as much as we want them to.[/blockquote]

The new EP “It’s more than Rock and Roll” can be pre-ordered digital on i-Tuned and physical, limited edition 500 pcs, sigend and numbered, on the official site

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