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Shallow Ground add new guitarist to the line up

Rome, april 16 – Thrash metallers Shallow Ground are going to add a 2nd guitarist to the band.

New guitarist for Shallow Ground – vocalist Keith Letourneau stated:

Shallow Ground is still on the hunt for a guitarist to grind out some all mighty metal. Dedication, reliable equipment and transportation is a must. You must be able to come to practice once (possibly twice a week in the future) to the Meriden area. Also be able to play shows two or more times a month. We all are slaves to society, and have families, we have busy schedules outside the band, so we are flexible with scheduling to get the job done (homework is a must, we will work with you to make learning the songs easy). We are laid back dudes, we have fun with what we do, but this is our business, so serious inquiries please. Don’t be shy…apply……We don’t bite….Well maybe…

Shallow Ground released their 2nd cd named “Embrace The Fury” during November 13, 2015 throughout Europe via Germany based KILLER METAL RECORDS and independently on their own throughout the rest of the world.

Watch here “Slayer Of The Gods“:

Shallow Ground line-up

Keith Letourneau (Guitar / Vocals)
Mark Chrzaszczewski (Bass)
Kurt Ragis (Drums)

the band’s Website > link

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