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Steignyr reveal new album “The Prophecy of the Highlands”

Rome, november 10 – Celtic death metaller Steignyr reveal details of their upcoming new album, which will take the name of “The Prophecy of the Highlands“.
The cover artwork has been created by the artist Ingrid Gala and it represents the death of Mother Earth at the hands of mankind and the extermination of human liberties.
While “The Prophecy of the Highlands” tracklist will be composed by the next 12 tracks.

“The Prophecy of the Highlands” – tracklist

The Valley of Dragons
Sons of Earth
Wild Land
The Last Era
Wolf’s Lair
Hammer of Agony
The prophecy of the Highlands
Immortal Whisper
The Warrior’s Path
The awakening of Revenge
Spirit of Victory
The grave of Heroes

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