The Rods - Brotherhood Of Metal - Album Cover News 

The Rods: il nuovo album “Brotherhood Of Metal” il 7 Giugno 2019

“Brotherhood Of Metal” è il titolo del nuovo album che la storica heavy metal band americana The Rods pubblicherà il 7 giugno 2019 per SPV/Steamhammer. La copertina è disegnata da Eric Philippe. Questa è la tracklist di “Brotherhood Of Metal”: 01. Brotherhood Of Metal (7:28) 02. Everybody’s Rockin’ (3:57) 03. Smoke On The Horizon (4:47) 04. Louder Than Loud (4:15) 05. Tyrant King (4:38) 06. Party All Night (2:49) 07. Tonight We Ride (4:40) 08. 1982 (5:16) 09. Hell On Earth (4:20) 10. The Devil Made Me Do It (3:54)…

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The Rods - Crank It Up Re Recorded Cover English New 

The Rods re record “Crank it Up” single

Rome, december 21 – Heavy metal power trio THE RODS have re-recorded the song “Crank It Up” which originally appeared on their 1981 self titled album, as part of the album’s upcoming 35th Anniversary celebration. The re-recorded song is available for purchase via itunes, Amazon and CD Baby. “CRANK IT UP“, what more is there to say? It’s kind of been our “motto” since day one. Thirty-five years later, we are still slamming our audiences with great powerful music. It’s amazing to see all the different generations singing along to…

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Killen - "Killen" Cover English New 

Killen announce reunion with drummer Carl Canedy

Rome, september 21 – New York cult heavy metal band KILLEN has officially reunited and joined forces with legendary drummer / producer Carl Canedy (THE RODS / CANEDY). The band will showcase their new electrifying line-up in Europe at the 2016 Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany with other European and US tour dates to be announced shortly. Drummer Carl Canedy comments: Killen has recorded in my studio many times over the years, so I’ve known and am very familiar with their music. I’m very excited to be able to…

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