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Zombie Rodeo to release Cult Leader EP in November

Helsinki (Finland) based gritty fuzz rock act Zombie Rodeo is now releasing a brand new EP named “Cult Leader“. The release will be available through Inverse Records on November 18th 2016.
This time both the music and vocals are much tighter and pronounced, than with the previous releases, with a more heavy, melodic and diverse feeling. Even the band themselves were very positively surprised by the outcome. Now Zombie Rodeo is ready to spread the music and to perform energetic and loud live performances.

The band released an eponymous single from the EP today. “Cult Leader” single is available on Spotify.

Cult Leader” Tracklisting:

1. Nameless Rider
2. Silver Medicine
3. Cult Leader
4. Personal Hell
5. Replacement Memories

Zombie Rodeo Discography:
Blind Eye Blues EP (2011)
In Love with the Dead EP (2012)
Día de los Muertos EP (2015)
Cult Leader Single (Inverse Records) (2016)
Cult Leader EP (Inverse Records) (2016)

Zombie Rodeo Line-Up:
Thomas Vee – Vocals
Miika Partonen – Guitar / Vocals
Mika Rissanen – Guitar
Mikko Puhakka- Bass
Mikko Mustonen – Drums

Zombie Rodeo Facebook Page > link
“Cult Leader” single is available on Spotify > link

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