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Scala Mercalli to release album “New Rebirth”

Rome, October 23 – Scala Mercalli is about to release their new album “New Rebirth” (2015) through Art Gates Records. The album has yet come out in Italy on september, 18th.

Here’s the band’s enthusiastic comment

We are very happy to enter in the Art Gates Records family,
we believe we will work well together to give you the best heavy metal possible \m/

Scala Mercalli has a long career with two demo tapes named “Hellbringer” (1996) and “Gargoyles” (1999), one EP “My Daemons” (2003) and two LP’s “12th Level” (2005) and “Border Wild” (2009).

New Rebirth” will be release in these dates:
Spain: 26/10/2015
Europe & Worldwide: 30/11/2015

“New Rebirth” tracklist:

1- The Long March
2 – September-18-1860
3- Nightmare Falls
4- All The Children Are Dissapeared
5- Time For Revolution
6- Hero Of Two Worlds (Giuseppe Baribaldi)
7- Eternity
8- Face my Enemy
9- The Undead
10- Spit On My Face
11- Last Leaf
12- Still Utited
13- The Flag

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